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Book Review: When Sinners Say “I Do”. Discovering the Power of the Gospel for Marriage - Dave Harvey

I was caught by the simplicity and accuracy of the title. This book never lets you lose sight of your condition – a sinner, and your position – saved by grace – the same place your spouse is in. This is a reality check on the issues that arise in marriage - consider this chapter title : Waking up to the worst of sinners’. These issues grow from the pervasiveness of our sin nature. It is also an acknowledgement of the completeness of the Gospel and grace to bring us into right relationships with our Lord and with our spouse. And because of our promise “I Do”, we are deeply involved in walking/assisting our spouse in their journey towards heaven. It is a privilege, and an awakening to depth of God’s love for us. So gently are the Scriptures applied to the examples given, that it will be difficult to forget how a loving Saviour is there to teach us how to love our spouse truly. Recommended reading definitely for all couples!

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