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GBC Library Picks: "No Little Women - Equipping All Women in the Household of God"


Walk into any major Christian bookstore, and you will find an overwhelming variety of books marketed to women. Many appear godly, but do they actually align with scripture? Sadly, many of these books teach shallow theology or even false teaching.

In ‘No Little Women’, Aimee Byrd reflects on such teaching in light of the haunting warning given to Timothy about false teachers who ‘creep into households and capture weak (little/immature) women …always learning and never able to arrive at a knowledge of the truth (2 Timothy 3:4-6). She discusses the value of women in God's household as `necessary allies’, who must be equipped with deep and sound theology to best honor God and serve His church.

This book seeks to ‘help the whole church by examining church initiatives for a group that makes up over half of our congregations - the women.’ By ‘help the whole church’ she means it! She by no means excludes men, church officers and laypeople, since ‘we look out for one another in God's household’. I particularly value Byrd’s immense practicality paired with her exhortations and encouragement. She offers thoughtful questions for all church members after each chapter. She also helps the reader learn and practice discernment by challenging the reader to ask essential questions about excerpts from popular women’s books to determine whether they are biblical.

One of my favourite lines in this book is: ‘Some of this is uncomfortable to talk about, but we aren't called to be comfortable. So I’m not writing this in some kind of alarmist tone… Whatever our age and experience, we are valuable to the church of Christ”. This book is for women who seek to live godly lives and be equipped for all good works, and for any man who wants to encourage their sisters in Christ. Unsurprisingly, few men read books written for Christian women (good or bad) and so are unaware of their potential influence. To safeguard each other, Byrd exhorts all of God's household to evaluate books, ministries and initiatives according to scripture together. So pastors, elders, and men, this book is for you too.

(The book No Little Women is just one of the many new titles we have added to the GBC library. Watch out for more GBC Library Picks coming soon!)

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